It has been seen that sometime IIS will stop to work on unexpected reason, in this situation we must restart the IIS manually. This process may tedious work for some people many times. So we can restart IIS using schedule (scheduler task), this task will be restart IIS particular interval as per our settings. In this post, we discuss how to restart IIS using schedule tasks step by step.

Les’s Start. Steps to Restart IIS using Schedule Tasks are as followed :

  1. Go to control panel and click Administrative Tools
  2. Select Task Scheduler
  3. In Task Scheduler window click Create Basic Task in right side Actions panel
  4. Create Basic Task wizard window will be open
  5. Enter the Task name as IIS Restart in Name area and Add the description if you wish and click next

restart IIS using schedule 1

6. In Task Trigger area select when do you want IIS restart task start, Daily or Weekly or whatever your needs

restart IIS using schedule 2          7. If you select Daily you can add the task start time

restart IIS using schedule 3

8. In Action area select start a program options and click next

9. Click on Program/Script browse button and select C:\Windows\System32\iisreset.exe and click next button

restart IIS using schedule 4        10.  You can review your settings and click to Finish button

11.  Now your IIS Reset scheduler task will be added and it will start as per your scheduler time

restart IIS using schedule 5

If we would like to modify the task, right click on the task and select properties it will be open Task settings window here we can modify anything as our wish. Now we wish, if you follow the steps you will easily restart IIS using schedule.

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How to restart IIS using schedule tasks step by step

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